About the Center for Public Violence Recovery

The Center for Public Violence Recovery assists communities to prepare for and respond to public violence.

Every day new incidents of violence occur in large and small communities across the United States. Law enforcement and emergency responders follow established protocols designed to ensure public safety; but there are no comprehensive protocols to guide community response to violence.

Whether a major incident has occurred, or the community is on tenterhooks fearful of the future, without protocols to guide local long-term response, residents experience misinformation, fragmented social services, unaddressed emotional trauma, a growing sense of hopelessness, and recurring cycles of violence.

The Center for Public Violence Recovery advocates a Whole Community strategy to combat community trauma beginning at the grassroots level with leadership from local faith-based, public health and human services organizations. This Framework fills the current void by providing a more comprehensive approach that can mitigate the engulfing trauma caused by public violence, bring a new sense of hope, and restore community resilience.

The Center is a program of the Village Life Company, a 501(c)(3) organization that has researched and developed public violence resilience and disaster response programs in collaboration with religious organizations, community nonprofits and educational institutions since 1996.