Help us restore healthy and resilient communities

We are facing a big challenge.

News and social media focus on mass violence. Churches hold prayer vigils and advocate gun safety. Sometimes money is raised for those immediately impacted. But few consider the long-term impact of a violent incident on the traumatized community.

Random incidents of public violence that traumatize a community occur every day in the United States. More than 70 percent of Americans, believe public violence is an inevitable part of life and nearly as many worry that a member of their family will be injured in such an incident.

When a natural disaster occurs, faith based and other voluntary nonprofits follow established protocols and collaborate with local public safety officials to build community resilience. However, when public violence occurs, there are no protocols to guide the community in its response. Without that response, the result is misinformation, fragmentation of services, unaddressed trauma, recurring cycles of violence, and a growing sense of hopelessness.

The Center for Public Violence Recovery believes a Whole Community approach can reverse this growing problem and build community resilience.

Help us meet this challenge to assist residents transform a culture of fear into hope for their lives. When a community is prepared to care for itself following public violence, the psychosocial health of each resident is improved.

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